Some thoughts on Star Wars (SPOILERS)

Saw it. Twice. I'll see it at least once more in theaters (to take my son, who couldn't see it until I vetted it, and also because I've not yet seen it in IMAX). It's good. Yes, yes, it's good. Lawrence Kasdan wrote it—and... Read More

Goodreads "Apocalypse Whenever" book giveaway

If you're in to post-apocolypse stories, or dystopias generally, throw in with this lot on Goodreads: They've just announced a giveaway of Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus that includes 2 signed paperbacks and 10 e-books. There's also a grand... Read More

Starving Children and Underarm Deodorant Oi. I have an egalitarian-conservationist emotional streak that occasionally rages against excess. I can sympathize with standing in front of an aisle filled with various and sundry underarm deodorants and saying: What the hell? But any line... Read More

Imitation Game

Saw Imitation Game last night. It's about Alan Turing cracking the Nazi Enigma encryption machine during WWII. Excellent, excellent movie; one of 2014's best. It also would have been a highly effective propaganda film (I say that with the greatest respect) . . . if the filmmakers hadn't... Read More

Sony and The Interview

Note: I have a history in information security (my group once landed on Gartner's Top 10 Visionaries in Information Security). (If you think that means you can distinguish yourself by exploiting my blog: it doesn't. I've done no extraordinary vetting of this open-source platform.) I... Read More

Noah's Sins

I saw Darren Aronofsky's Noah, and I'm confused. I'm confused by the critical acclaim. I'm confused by the public outcry. An impressive level of effort, a middling result: not brilliant, but not odious. Some thoughts: It includes a stunning depiction of the Genesis creation, with... Read More

Legend of Korra Season 3

I'm an Avatar fan (by which I mean Avatar: The Last Airbender; not the James Cameron movie). Loved the 3 original seasons. Loved the 1st season of Legend of Korra. Really like the 2nd season of Legend of Korra. I enjoyed the 3rd season of... Read More

Beowulf is out!

Ah-ha-ha! I'm holding the first printing of Beowulf: A Bloody Calculus IN MY HANDS. Beautiful printing. very excited. The trade paperback was released today (the e-book was out a few weeks ago for inclusion in StoryBundle.) If you're in SLC, pick it up at the... Read More

Tarantino western, 70mm nostalgia

From a friend at the Theater Historical Society: Tarantino is doing a new western, The Hateful Eight. But that's not the point of my posting this link. The point is to read a bunch of film projectionists arguing tech, which is really charming. http://www... Read More

Second Anglosphere Civil War

Every now and again I find some bit of history that highlights the subjectivity of everything I think I know—at once engrossing on its own merits, but discouraging in its implications to my (and most people's) education. You know the feeling, I'm sure. This... Read More

... they cannot speak for themselves

From The Inimitable Jay Nordlinger: The best bit: People in free countries have an obligation to people in unfree countries. Most often, they cannot speak for themselves. ... and: [Antúnez ] has spearheaded a petition urging the United States not to drop sanctions... Read More

Production subsidies: enough to matter, and are we willing?

For those of you in (or interested in) the film industry: I was in a meeting this morning in Salt Lake City (good meeting, lovely people) where Utah's relative lack of incentives, subsides and tax credits for film production was mentioned. This is often a... Read More

Going YA It's a little disconcerting to see nearly all of my favorite "gritty" genre writers dive into YA. But the results, in most cases, have been quite good. I'm looking forward to Half a King. (I heard Paolo... Read More

It ain’t about you, Sunshine

Slavery in Nigeria, the occupation of Ukraine, whatever: It ain’t about you, Sunshine. This Kevin Williamson piece is worth reading. Twice. Yes, it's written from a political point-of-view. Set that aside and consider it on a cultural level. It resonates... Read More

Piketty, Ted Turner, Wealth and Guilt

Plenty of commentary floating around about Piketty’s book (more than it deserves?) This bit caught my eye (Andrew Stuttaford commenting on David Brooks, commenting on Piketty): “The richest of the rich (a Warren Buffett, say, or a George Soros) also have a vested interest... Read More